Kuwait Eat

Kuwait City Food Tour

Food lovers rejoice as Local Tour Kuwait brings you the most sizzling, mouth-watering and jaw-dropping Kuwait Eat and Expedite tour of all times. Starting from the old, busy streets of Souk Al Mubrakiya, the group will move on to tasting different cuisines from the different delicious parts of the world. Feast yourself on the spicy and crispy Indian Samosa and Pakora, the sizzling and mouthwatering Iranian Kebabs and Kuwaiti Special bread wafers (Ragag bread) followed by traditional Kuwaiti deserts, refreshing tea and sweet dates to top the food cruise off with. Craving a nutritious drink? A glass full of delicious Camel milk will be right at your service!

Meanwhile, you delight your taste buds on a variety of cuisines; Local Tour Kuwait guides will enrich your soul with stories about Souk and Kuwait- And just when you think the day is about to end, we will take you for a fun-filled shopping spree! You can purchase all sorts of traditional goods including incense, the famous Arabic Oud perfumes, hand-made souvenirs and yes, SNACKS!

Kuwait Eat will be exclusive of food charges. Groups will meet at Souk to start the tour at evening.

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