Explore the mystical desert of Kuwait.

Kuwait desert delight

Kuwait desert safari

(seasonal, from November to March)

Local Tour Kuwait offers you this fantastic chance to explore the mystical deserts of Kuwait. Our Desert Delight package is seasonal, and tours are held during nights from November through March when the weather is cold, and the nights fill the air with whispers of ancient stories. Local Tour Kuwait will pick you up and take you to the emblematic Al Kuwaiti desert in the southern part of the country. During the voyage, we will be stopping by the ever-famous Kuwait oil-fields so you can get to explore the heart of global fuel up-close and personal. Moreover, moving on in our voyage, a cozy camp will be set up wherein you will feast on sizzling Kuwaiti food followed by tea while you can share and listen to ancient Kuwait stories about the hardships of the desert.

You can also get to enjoy periodical Dune bashing and SUV safaris that add thrill to your voyage. Kuwait Desert Delight is a complete tour package which includes transportation and food.

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